Welcome to Team 8 Blue's new wikispace!

Team 8 Blue Saves the World!

If you don't already know who Team 8 Blue is from our previous wikispace, feel free to keep on reading or visit our first wikispace. (click here for the link!)

About Us:

We are a team of 8th grade students who are learning how to use technology to improve our understanding of Alternate Energy.
On this wiki space we will be keeping track of the things we learn and compiling information about the topics that we study. Join us on our journey to save the world!

Our Goal:

In this Science Unit we are learning about alternate energy. We have become concerned with the energy crisis we are currently living in. So, we are to researching different types of alternate energy and ultimately writing a persuasive essay on why our form of alternate energy is the best for Pennsylvania, (and the world) to use. Most people think that kids can't make a difference in the world. Do you think they can? To fight that sterotype we will contact our public officials and tell them what we found out when our projects are done. Hopefully they willl use the information we give them. It is a big task, but we are determined to prove that 8th Graders can make a difference!

Join the Discussion:

Some people hesitate to take action because they are waiting to become "good enough" to make a difference. In fact, we never will have all the answers. It is impossiple to be correct all of the time. So take a new attitude this year and join the discussion! Just by taking part in the discussion you can contribute in important ways to our class, our school, and our community! Let's use our voices! Just click on the discussion tab to let your voice be heard!